Enhancing a Community Mission

Enhancing a Community Mission

Enhancing a Community Mission 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

As part of an ongoing effort to engage with our local Columbus community and increase our company’s philanthropic efforts, the Chute Gerdeman team sought a local organization that would benefit from our expertise and creativity. After thoughtful consideration, research, and team feedback we established a partnership with Dress for Success Columbus, a non-profit agency that empowers under-served women to obtain gainful employment. It is Chute Gerdeman’s promise to support the organization’s brand mission and goals, and elevate the atmosphere and experience for the inspirational women Dress for Success Columbus serves. CG’s diversity of experience and skills matched perfectly with the Dress for Success mission and felt like a natural cause for collaboration.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Chute Gerdeman! It is inspiring to work with a team that is dedicated to excellence and listens/responds to our needs! Everyone we work with at Team Chute conveys thoughtful collaboration on branding, design, integration and client engagement. It is a top priority that we serve women, who are vulnerable and rebuilding their lives, in an environment that elevates their experience; Chute is leading the way, helping to accomplish this beautifully.” – Vicki Bowen Hewes, CEO, Dress for Success Columbus

From the outset, it became less of a project and more of heartfelt relationship that has become near and dear to each organization. Engaging with staff, volunteers, board members and, most importantly, the Dress for Success clients has opened our eyes to how we can positively and emotionally elevate the experience that Dress for Success Columbus delivers. Orchestrating moments that matter throughout the customer journey, our team designed improvements to brand presentation, messaging, store layout and flow, to provide a collective and inspirational experience for clients, donors, and volunteers. We have learned the importance of confident empowerment, both in suiting and in career support. With combined strategic thinking and creative ideation, we have visualized a future for the DFS Columbus brand and their client’s journey when they visit the boutique.

Dress for Success

Following an exciting first year of partnership, Chute Gerdeman continues our work with Dress for Success Columbus in a variety of ways. As a result of our partnership, our Chief Creative Officer, Jay Highland has joined the Board of Directors to help further serve the Dress for Success Columbus mission. Our team is deeply involved in ongoing efforts to support the organization’s efforts through local events, marketing, and communications.

Chute Gerdeman is honored to have received the 2015 Dress for Success Columbus’ “Essence of Advocacy” Award, recognizing our true commitment to the agency’s mission and goals. We look forward to continuing this collaboration throughout 2016 to create a space that helps foster true empowerment in the agency. Stay tuned as we bring this new look to life for Dress for Success Columbus.


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