En Route: The Evolution of the Airport Dining Experience

En Route: The Evolution of the Airport Dining Experience

En Route: The Evolution of the Airport Dining Experience 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

As traveler expectations continue to increase the en route dining experience has been elevated in airports across the US. From high-end restaurants with Michelin star chefs to local establishments sourcing farm-to-table foods, today’s jet setters are experiencing a whole new world of culinary concepts… ones that don’t require them to get their final destination to experience the finest flavors of the city.

Landing on the top of the list of the 2017 Airport Dining Scorecard is the Denver International Airport. In 2014, DIA underwent a $46 million expansion and renovation project, taking it to the current high-flying status above some of the US’ top 20 most traveled airports. Situated on 53 square miles of land, DIA was designed to symbolize the region’s architectural ingenuity, technological innovation and visionary thinking. With a mix of architectural elements and integrated technology DIA continues to evolve over time along with its already well-recognized food establishments.

Tapas Sky Bar – Concourse C

Tapas Sky Bar Signage
Bar Seating

Situated on Concourse C, travelers will encounter Tapas Sky Bar placed in the center of the corridor. Patrons can enjoy picking from 16 wine choices, 12 Colorado craft beers, and specialty cocktails paired with delicious accouterments like a specialty cheese board or Mediterranean platter.

Seating Area
Seating Area

Transparent arches frame the space and create a bold visual statement. White walls composed of laser cut panels showcase black and white words and phrases reflecting Denver’s vibrant community and the city’s industrial roots.

Bar Seating
Bar Seating

With visibility from all angles diners can see their gate and stay connected to the airport, while still feeling shielded from the busyness of the foot traffic passing along. Black and white tile add a modern touch making the space feel like a trendy bar in big city.

Whether its fast food, fast casual or full-service, one thing is for sure is that airport dining has taken off. What use to be a dreaded space to grab a bite pre-flight or kill time during a lay over has turned into a destination of its own. Guests are now navigating terminals with food selections in mind. With a captive consumer continually walking through you can expect airports and concessions to continue to invest in enhancements.

Photo Credit: Fly Denver | Chute Gerdeman


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