Direct-to-Consumer Brand Snowe Designs an Immersive Retail Experience

Direct-to-Consumer Brand Snowe Designs an Immersive Retail Experience

Direct-to-Consumer Brand Snowe Designs an Immersive Retail Experience 1440 428 Amanda Seevers

Just in time for holiday season, home essentials brand Snowe opened a pop-up location in SoHo New York. I can say firsthand it’s worth the visit and would make any home-obsessed shopper swoon. Focused on quality products paired with thoughtful design though, Snowe originally found its customer based as an online retailer. After moving to NYC, founders and real life couple, Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak, became frustrated with the home goods selection on a limited budget. With a minimalist sensibility, they sourced and designed a modern, high-quality housewares line with direct-to-consumer prices.

Referred to as The Blankspace, the pop-up location is an offshoot of their appointment-only interactive showroom called The Whitespace. “The space represents the blank canvas, the foundation that Snowe wants to be for its customers, allowing them to paint and fill in their own aesthetic and showcase the versatility of Snowe’s product,” says Cohen.

Snowe Soho Pop-Up

Walking the line between everyday and formal, the brand has the perfect balance of elegance and charm. The store follows the same brand messaging and truly connects the voice to the physical environment within the store. The first thing you notice walking into the store is the light, sweet, scent of a candle… and of course I had to buy it.

The 1,000-square-foot store is organized by activities in the home: Eat, Drink, Sleep, and Bathe. Minimal in design, but big in details, the space is mostly a white box with blue and black focal walls with specific messages on products one shouldn’t live without. My favorite part of the overall brand story was the “Let’s Stay Home” vibe you see throughout the space. It’s cheerful yet honest message makes one want to keep their loved ones close at home for a day of good food, naps, and happiness.

Snowe Soho Pop-Up
Snowe Soho Pop-Up

Upon entering the space, guests are promptly greeted by a friendly associate knowledgeable and passionate about the products. Recognizing that picking out housewares is more difficult than just picking out a new outfit; the brand has positioned staff to guide customers through the experience. Getting a demo of the shatterproof, titanium reinforced glassware was quite unexpected and fun… something you certainly couldn’t experience online.

Snowe Soho Pop-Up
Snowe Soho Pop-Up

Through a partnership with Cloudtag, Snowe uses ultrasonic frequency to help build wish lists and facilitate communication between the store associate’s iPad and the customer’s smartphone. And SmartGifting options even allow someone to send a gift from the store and let the recipient select exactly what they want. Keeping the in-store inventory minimal, the brand offers free next-day delivery to help those who don’t want to lug the housewares home.

Being a digital first brand the focus here is testing. Depending on consumer reception and sales this temporary space could eventually lead to a permanent retail space. “This is an experiment—a laboratory. It’s an opportunity for us to learn as much about our customers as possible, to interact with them intimately,” Modak says.

Snowe Soho Pop-Up
Snowe Soho Pop-Up
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