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Minty Pink

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A note from the editors: “Inspiration boards” give a glimpse at the inner landscape of a creative person’s brain. The usual components tend to be images, words, sketches, photographs, swatches of material, postcards, poems, anything at all that tells a cohesive story. Boards can be used to convey a concept, a design direction, ideas for a kitchen remodel, or in our case, a personal narrative. Each month we feature an inspiration board from one of the creative spirits at Chute Gerdeman.

This minty pink inspiration board is my personal first taste of Spring.

While eating my favorite flavor of Girl Scout cookiesThin Mints, of courseI thought about how much I love mint and chocolate mixed together. I did a quick search so I could make these tasty treats myself during another season, and this recipe for homemade peppermint patties popped up. The pastel palette sparked my imagination. The outcome? This minty pink inspiration board.

— • —


Inspiration Sources…

1. These delightfully decorated, delectably delicious, creamy concoctions are so cleverly called Misty Minty Peppermint Patties. They’re reminiscent of Thin Mints with white chocolate instead of the traditional, but the minty pink colors are what make them so much more. []

2. An aqua chain link fence made for a photographer’s muse in this textural photograph find from Flickr. The photographer said it best, “I really love it when people make the effort to improve upon something that usually is left plain and boring.” This is anything but boring. []

3. Spring has sprung! I’m waiting for the tulips to bloom. They’re a favorite flower of mine. Tulips in a vintage tin are oh so lovely. []

4. This cute print took me back to the days of coloring Easter eggs in pastel paint. []

5. Who doesn’t love an interesting light fixture? These hand-blown glass pendants come in aqua, rose, clear, emerald and amber. []

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