Finding Growth at Your Brand Edge

Finding Growth at Your Brand Edge

Finding Growth at Your Brand Edge 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Growing companies know there’s no time or room for “me too” brands in today’s competitive market. While it may be popular to follow the path or principles of successful brands that have paved the way, it’s time to step back and look at things differently. Explore out of the box methods to create an immersive experience that activates consumer senses, and lets them experience your brand beyond a transaction, but instead through a multi-faceted perspective. Here’s a look at a few brands that are pushing their experience above the rest.

Beauty & Essex

Sometimes, the best wows happen in unexpected places. When arriving at Beauty & Essex, a popular club restaurant hybrid in NYC, patrons happen upon a storefront that looks like your typical New York pawnshop. Visitors can shop at the pawnshop, but if they’re in the know, they can proceed through the door in the rear of the store into the hip, speakeasy-style restaurant. Not only is this unexpected destination a new take on blending retail and restaurants, it pushes both concepts to their edge through dramatic concept, unique theming, and fun elements like free champagne in the restroom.

Ex Nihilo

In a category known mostly for creating standardized senses for the mass, Parisian brand Ex Nihilo not only makes the personal leap, but they’re pulling back the curtain on the mystery of making sensorial magic. With a desire to make “an avant-garde impression” this olfactory experience is far from traditional. Customers chose from unisex-based scents, before personalizing preference with raw ingredients ranging from vanilla and jasmine to sandalwood and iris. Scent capsules with alcohol free samples allow for a subtler, singular experience. Robot Osmologue incorporates technological innovations and transparency to provide customers with a luxurious, but intimate experience. While most brands’ signature scents take months to develop, Ex Nihilo creates bespoke senses on demand.

The Fat Duck

Consumers crave customized experiences, and UK restaurant The Fat Duck takes personalization to a whole new level. Tapping into elements of nostalgia, guests are required to provide information about themselves during the reservation process. Chef extraordinaire, Heston Blumenthal, then crafts dinner profiles uniquely designed to reflect their personal experiences. The menu serves as literal and metaphorical map of their journey providing adventure and discovery in every bite. The series of dishes are doled out over a four-hour period of time letting guests truly reminisce in romantic childhood memories. Although guests have to purchase tickets at least four months in advance, it’s without a doubt an ultimate exploration of culinary creativity.

American Family Insurance

Nestled in Madison’s Capitol Square is the manifestation of a company looking to find the edge of their industry, before another business did. Challenged with creating an environment that showcased the intangible parts of life; the Dreambank is a space for community members and customers alike to gather to share their dreams for the future. Preserving historical elements of the original bank, guests encounter both tactile and tech-inspired displays to help discover and inspire dreams. Regularly changing exhibits demonstrate how American Family Insurance thinks about insurance differently and provides a distinctly unique, modern and revolutionary way to interact with consumers.

“Finding Your Brand Edge” is one element of the equation for today’s growing brands to create wow-worthy moments with consumers. To explore more of the elements download our whitepaper: The Psychology of WOW! and find out what it means for your retail formula.

Photo Credit: Beauty & Essex | Huffington Post UK | Dezeen

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