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Crazy about Quartz!

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In our industry, we are always looking for beautiful products that will hold up to the demands and abuse of the retail and restaurant atmosphere. I love quartz solid surfaces because they have the depth and beauty of natural stone without the maintenance and upkeep. Plus, color consistency in quartz makes for easy specification and uniformity throughout a roll out situation.

I was lucky enough to have the representative of Cosentino come in for a product introduction and update. Cosentino is the parent company to Silestone and Eco by Cosentino. I did not realize this, but Silestone is the only quartz product with a built-in antimicrobial protection, making it perfect for restaurant application!

Image via Silestone

Silestone is composed of 93% quartz and 7% resin fillers and binders to give the material strength and durability it needs for a commercial project. It does not need to be sealed because it is truly non-porous. Once the material is installed, it will stay looking like new without any maintenance or upkeep required.

I love Silestone for their wide color selection. There are patterns that give you the look of granite and marble, and even patterns that look like stained concrete. My pick? The fashion forward mirror and glass flecks option in the White Platinum, Chrome and Stellar Night. Also, they offer a vibrant color range that is not typically found in quartz products. Green Fun, Pink Love and Orange Cool will knock your socks off!

Image via Silestone

Image via Silestone

Lastly, no matter the wide color range available, I am always looking for a clean, crisp white. Silestone claims to have the brightest white, and I agree with them. The White Zeus Extreme is so purely white without being cold. Perfect!

Image via Silestone

Another wonderful product is Eco by Cosentino. Eco is a quartz product like Silestone, but it’s made up of 75% post-industrial or post-consumer material, and bound with a corn oil-based resin. This is a great product for projects going for LEED certification. It performs like Silestone with no maintenance required and it will hold up in high traffic retail areas. Colors are not as diverse as Silestone, but they do offer sophisticated neutrals and beautiful whites.

Image via Cosentino

Silestone and Eco products are both available in multiple finishes, slab thickness and tile sizes. Yes, that is correct…you can use either of these products for floor or wall tiles. The possibilities are endless!

Featured Image via Silestone


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