Consumers Find Quality in Bespoke

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Consumers Find Quality in Bespoke

Consumers Find Quality in Bespoke 800 543 Chute Gerdeman

Fast fashion has been inundating the market for over a decade, bringing style and choice to an affordable level. Sometimes, though, in the speed-to-market equation, quality takes a backseat. Running parallel to the penchant for fast fashion, we’re also seeing a true return to a desire for quality. And nothing says quality like bespoke.

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Bespoke refers to items made to the purchaser’s specification. This results in overall transparency of the design and construction of the product. Technology and innovative business models have helped broaden the reach of the bespoke trend. Websites like “Shoes of Prey” and “Bow & Drape” allow shoppers to easily create items online. Everlane (an online apparel store) has opened a pop-up workshop where customers can work with on-site artisans to create unique items.
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