Columbus: A City Designed for “US”

Columbus: A City Designed for “US”

Columbus: A City Designed for “US” 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Brand development is one of the most critical aspects in the evocation of any feeling behind a company, person, or – in this case – a city. Over 15 years of research and planning have gone into the realization that Columbus isn’t just a community of roughly 860,000 people, according to a 2016 Census Population report; it’s a direct representation of all of who are living in it, thus coining the term “ColumbUS.” This challenging, yet unifying, endeavor has become the catalyst to the formulation of the city’s future stature, becoming visible to private and angel investors, contractors, and high-profile conglomerates such as Amazon. Could the 1960’s-self-proclaimed “cow town” be a leader in technological influence and economic growth? The city of Columbus has been working to expedite the promotion of a safer, smarter, more synergistic city, introducing its new brand from the grassroots level.

Safety First

Bus Line Sign
Columbus Officers in Uniform

This change in the way Columbus markets itself doesn’t just stop at a new logo and tagline; instead, the community took this overall advancement one step further by creating a much safer environment. Government Technology revealed that Ohio has recently decided to turn to the private sector for better, more accurate transportation data. By using a vehicle’s GPS system, government officials will be able to analyze information and – in turn – create safer more efficient roads. The Ohio Department of Transportation will now have the ability to enhance past projects, and can also send updates on what roads are more prone to accidents than others. Safety measures have been implemented outside of the vehicles as well; the Columbus Police Department has taken the initiative to place body cameras on all of its officers. In an effort to become more transparent, Mayor Ginther says, “police body worn cameras will improve safety and trust for people on both sides of the camera.” A small change to the uniform, but a massive change to the interactions between the officers and the people they protect. Safe environments would be nothing without the technology they lean on; Columbus has fully invested itself in the technology industry, which has been neither an easy nor inexpensive undertaking.

Data Driven

Columbus Audubon Park

The New York Times projected that the city of Columbus has spent nearly $241 million in private investments to help restore the framework of downtown, and the roads that surround it. More expansive parks, less water, and a concrete plan for taxpayer spending were the primary goals when construction first began, creating a more dynamic Columbus for developers to help refine. The majority of these contributions have given the community an opportunity to adapt into a type of technological beacon, suitably reinforcing Forbes’ decision to name it as the third best tech-city in the country. Driving data forward, Engadget stated that Columbus has begun the wiring of a 35-mile portion of Route 33 for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication tests. As the first winner of this $50 million grant, it has the proper foundation to draw out advanced research for an entirely new driving era. With technology becoming the underlying bedrock to the city’s structure, enhanced features of Columbus have created a more engaged and communal neighborhood.

One Love, One Heart

Exterior of Celebrate Local
Independents Festival

What was once the most “‘brilliantly illuminated city in the country,’” is now the 15th-largest U.S. urban area, captivating its citizens with museums, street fairs, and shows on a weekly basis. The encouragement to try new and stay local is widespread, inspiring more restaurants, art exhibits, and shopping centers to call Columbus home. Journalists from all over the country have come to marvel at the continued success in population and industry growth the city prides itself on. This type of high-level notoriety aids in the establishment of what the capital of Ohio has been striving to establish for over a decade­: “a beautiful, healthy, and prosperous community” by the year 2020, according to the Columbus Green Community Plan. A city designed to inspire from the minute any person hops their “CoGo” bike to grab a coffee in the morning, or kick back, eat some food, and watch one of NightLight614’s outdoor movies of the week at night–Columbus is all about redesigning inner-city, social experiences.

Nightlight 614 on the Scioto Mile
CoGo Bike

Its attempts to cultivate the safest, smartest, most unified community are starting to take shape, and people are excited. The influential market, job growth, and forward-thinking initiatives have created a place designed for all things “US.” It is because of such essential change, publications and high-end corporations have started taking notice. There is still much to do in order for Columbus to become the next city to beat, but the dream is finally within reach.

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