Chef Driven Restaurant Service

Chef Driven Restaurant Service

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When other restaurants are choosing to go high-tech and low service, one Twin City restaurant, Travail Kitchen & Amusements, brings a chef-driven dinner theater experience to the 21st Century.

The interactive experience combines molecular gastronomy and fine dining. And while scientific in approach it is far from pretentious. The chefs take their craft seriously but their stage character is all about fun. An eclectic mix of music, occasional costumes, and beer drinking from a boot, set the tone for all things unconventional. No waiters, just chefs, no barrier between the kitchen and dining, no standard menus to be had, and even the tableware is of question. It’s all about creating an intimate connection from the culinary creation straight to the consumer.

With anywhere of 10 to as many as 20 courses depending on the season, diners are kept guessing what’s next. From a lollipop of foie gras encrusted with Pop Rocks to sweatbreads with a cheddar sake fondue to apple cider blasted with liquid nitrogen tableside, diners should expect the unexpected. The experience questions what a restaurant can be, introducing theatrical elements to the dining scene, as diners watch their food assembled piece-by-piece in front of them. “You have to make them feel special. It’s the soul of your restaurant,” says founder and chef, Mike Brown.

With such unique experience at hand you can imagine seats are in high demand. Seventy-five percent of the seats are sold through ticketing three months in advance, and the rest are reserved for walk-ins. Just like a popular concert, you better plan to show up or take a loss, but you can guarantee it’s not hard to find someone clamoring to get access.

The restaurant has received rave reviews and national accolades to boot, including Bon Appétit’s Best New Restaurants and the founding trio of culinary chefs nominated for a James Beard Award. We can’t help but applaud their original approach and mission to create a restaurant experience that informs and entertains with the ultimate level of transparency.

Photo Credit: StarTribune

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