CG Talks with FE&S Magazine About Prototype Design

CG Talks with FE&S Magazine About Prototype Design

CG Talks with FE&S Magazine About Prototype Design 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Looking to gain insight on the direction of prototype design in the foodservice industry, FE&S Magazine sought out perspectives from Chute Gerdeman’s Account Director of Food Concepts, Kathy Fiorenza, and Vice President of Retail Environments, Lynn Rosenbaum.

Focused on the changing dynamic of consumer expectations, Fiorenza explains that fast today is a lot faster than it was even a year ago. Expectations for fast and convenient will only continue to accelerate, and that’s why technology has such an important role in enabling restaurants to capture market share. At the same time, there’s still a need for the human touch requiring us to strike a balance between the two.

Rosenbaum notes that you can be fast and convenient, as the old-school QSRs have been for years, but the big change is toward creating environments that speak strongly to experience, authenticity, and transparency. If there are parts of the process that can be exposed and highlighted, something that supports your brand promise, people love to see that.

Fiorenza adds that it’s about getting credit for the things you want to get credit for, and from an experience standpoint, it’s theater. There will always be brick-and-mortar restaurants because people want some level of engagement; they want to be entertained.

While discussing the overall experience it’s hard to ignore the growth and impact of mobile, takeout, and delivery. With words of caution, Rosenbaum encourages brands to think carefully about how to satisfy two broad customer bases: those who have ordered offsite and those who order onsite.

Fiorenza suggests the big thing is making sure each type of customer, whether they’re grabbing-and-going or ordering and dining in, has a clearly marked path, and there needs to be flexibility. The design should allow for a seamless, inviting experience no matter how they choose to use the restaurant.

For the complete article visit FE&S Magazine online. Want to hear more about what’s driving restaurant concepts to evolve, check out Kathy’s recent insight article here >


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