Celebrating National Cheese Lover’s Day

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Celebrating National Cheese Lover’s Day

Celebrating National Cheese Lover’s Day 800 478 Chute Gerdeman

In celebration of National Cheese Lover’s Day, we’ve decided to share our latest finds in cheese shops with you. While we love the dairy delight, there’s nothing we’re more passionate about than retail! So here’s a combination of both retail and cheese!

Recently out and about in Brooklyn, our resident retail intelligence agents, Bess & Jay, spotted Stinky Bklyn and The Bedford Cheese Shop.

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With a name like Stinky Bklyn and its bright yellow exterior, you know it has to be a cheese shop. Inside, bright orange walls with fun, hand-painted graphics add to the customer experience. We were greeted with artisan packaged pastas, sauces, spices, wines, dips and crackers mixed with an array of global treats. Located at the back of the store, the cheese counter offered an amazing selection of cheeses from around the world. Cheeses were beautifully presented next to the cured meat counter. Because what pairs with cheese better than cured meats? The adjacency made total sense.

Was the place stinky? It was wonderfully aromatic and the tastings they offered were delicious.

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The Bedford Cheese Shop refers to itself as an old-fashioned cheese shop dedicated to providing customers with the finest quality cheeses from around the world. We call it the neighborhood corner cheese shop that sells more than just cheese!

From its charming British, nostalgic wood exterior, to the mouthwatering product from around the globe, customers’ senses are awakened! Vintage baskets and crates were merchandised with handmade pasta from Italy, chocolate from Belgium, wines from France, cured meats from all over Europe, locally baked bread and of course the cheese counter! We had to fight the crowds to not only get a photo but to taste some of the unique samples available!

This shop is a true neighborhood gem, where locals don’t have to walk far to experience premium cheese and eats and drinks that can be paired with it.

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If you need some more cheesy inspiration, we’ve got it with a photo gallery featuring more of our photos from Brooklyn here.

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Bess recently had a grand cheese experience in Toronto. Check out this 18-foot, amazing wall of cheese at the all new Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens.

And don’t miss Joanna’s postcard from A Taste of Quebec.

Wishing you curds and whey!

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