Canada Goose Migrates South to Expand Its Retail Presence

Canada Goose Migrates South to Expand Its Retail Presence

Canada Goose Migrates South to Expand Its Retail Presence 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

After more than 60 years of success with wholesale distribution and ecommerce, luxury, outdoor apparel brand, Canada Goose, decided the logical next step was brick-and-mortar. “There’s a lot of talk about e-commerce and ‘omni-channel’ [sales] and people are starting to recognize that bricks-and-mortar stores are the foundation of that,” said President and CEO Dani Reiss. “The future is not just online or just bricks and mortar. It’s a combination.”

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After launching its first flagship in Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall, the Canada Goose decided to migrate south to New York—one of the brand’s most successful markets in the US. Located on Wooster Street, the 4,000 square foot Soho flagship pays homage to the artic elements of the brand’s heritage.

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Wilderness shots taken in Newfoundland are prominently displayed on the wall showcasing the brand’s authentic passion for outdoor adventure, while a giant marble cash wrap sourced from a quarry in British Columbia serves as a beacon in the space. Soapstone-carved polar bear sculptures crafted by the contemporary Aboriginal artist Jason Carter, pay homage to a partnership with the Polar Bears International. Thoughtfully featured in a glass display case is rotating selection of heritage styles dating back to when the company was founded in 1957, and stories of the adventurers who wore them—known as “Goose people”

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Customers can just stop in or schedule a personal shopping appointment with one of the brand’s ambassadors to browse more than 100 styles of parkas in 40 different colors. Keeping a lean product inventory on the sales floor only one size of each style is displayed to showcase the quality materials and craftsmanship of the jackets. Ambassadors can access additional stock via the floor-to-ceiling vault. Find something you like and they’ll simply ship it home for you to avoid having to lug it around the city.

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The company plans to open three new retail stores in 2018, with a long-term target of having 15 to 20 shops. “We’re a global brand. … When we have these gathering places for Canada Goose fans, it builds and adds to the global halo of the brand. Wholesale is a very important part of our business, and it will continue to be important. But we are able to create the perfect experience and the perfect reflection of the Canada Goose brand,” said Reiss.

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Photo Credit: Canada Goose | Chute Gerdeman

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