Brooklyn Brewery: Crafting a Maker’s Story

Brooklyn Brewery: Crafting a Maker’s Story

Brooklyn Brewery: Crafting a Maker’s Story 800 533 Chute Gerdeman

Craft brewers may be small in size and volume, but their sales are steadily pouring in. Sales from craft brewers hit a record $19.6 billion in 2014—an increase of 22% from the previous year, according to the Brewers Association. While many of today’s national beer brands have been around for years and built nostalgia with consumers, craft brewers are focusing on a different story—the maker’s story.

Craft brewers have cultivated a following with consumers that want to know more about the products they consume—from the brand’s backstory to the brewmaster’s magic. It should come as no surprise that craft beer consumption is the highest amongst Millennials (aged 25-34) who appreciate the skilled craft of the category, the innovative nature of the business, unique source of ingredients, and the simple fact that no two beers seem to taste alike. What makes these brands unique from one another is their story though. Craft brewers have focused on establishing themselves in communities as well as a positioning as a desired destination by using their breweries as a place to showcase their “maker story.”

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In the cultural hotspot of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Brewery has not only managed to make a name for themselves as Brooklyn’s oldest brewery, but also paved the way for a handful of others that now populate the area. During the mid-80’s the founder, Steve Hindy, learned about brewing from American diplomats while he served as a Middle East Correspondent for the Associated Press. Upon returning to Brooklyn he began homebrewing with his neighbor, Tom Potter, and from there they set out to create Brooklyn Brewery. The two wanted to create a strong brand identity and hired Milton Glaser known for his design of the infamous “I (heart) NY” logo. Glaser created the signature B logo in exchange for beer for life and a small percentage in the company. Today the Brewery crew is comprised of skilled team passionate about beer. From a James Beard Award Winning Brewmaster to home chefs and scientists to musicians and artists, it’s an eclectic mashup of people much like the Brooklyn Borough.

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All of this richness comes to life within the brewery itself where guests can experience the brand firsthand. The brand’s brewing process is evident to guests before they even step foot inside. The façade of the building serves as a large-scale billboard for their six step brewing process and cleverly transforms the windows into silhouettes of kettles and tanks.

During the week small batch evening tours (limited to 30 people) are available upon reservation, which includes a tasting of four Brooklyn beers, a tour of the facility and a history lesson. You can swing by on Saturdays and Sundays for free tours, and enjoy some time in the Tasting Room where guests purchase tokens in exchange for beers and kick back at communal tables for a little socializing. And those who are looking to bring a little bit of the experience home with them can shop for some brewery swag in the Brooklyn Brewery Company Store.

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The brewery also hosts regular beer dinners or special events like the upcoming collaboration with Brooklyn Cinemas and La Tavola, where Brooklyn based movies will be paired with Brooklyn beers and a tailored course selection from La Tavola. Each year they also hit the road for “The Brooklyn Mash” to take the best of Brooklyn Brewery on the road to connect with other communities and celebrate their culture and craft from New Orleans to Boston to Chicago and Austin.

To hear more about Brooklyn Brewery’s Maker Story, check out this short video on The Origins of Brooklyn Brewery.

Transparency is not a passing fad. It’s here to stay. Consumers want to know where their products come from. Build a story that invites them to learn about your brand in an authentic way.

Photo credit: Beer Busters | Pinstopin | Chute Gerdeman

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