Bring It, 2014!

Bring It, 2014!

Bring It, 2014! 800 350 Chute Gerdeman

A new year brings new excitement. Besides the Olympics, a new season of Downton Abbey, and worldwide economic recovery, there’s a myriad of things we’re looking forward to specific to our industry. “What are you looking forward to in 2014?” is what we asked all of our Chuties. With a collective keen eye on what’s happening, here is what they have to say:

Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar: What Does the Future Hold?
Google, Amazon, and eBay have all opened pilot stores and test concepts in 2013 – what did they learn and where will they go? I am curious to see how those tests unfold. These hugely customer-centric companies are going to change as they encounter the physical world, and the implications for digital and physical retailing are going to be significant.
– Rolfe, CEO

Radiant Orchid in Retail
I’m looking forward to how the Pantone color of the year will be used in retail design and material options. I was surprised when Radiant Orchid was chosen as the color of the year because it is (from my perception) a more  juvenile feminine color—I couldn’t help but think of girls’ retailer Justice’s color palette. The most recent colors seem a bit more gender and age neutral (2013-Emerald, 2012-Tangerine Tango), and I’m curious how the color will be applied in ways that will appeal to both men and women.
– Renee, Brand Communications

Luxury Brands Becoming Mainstream
I’m looking forward to seeing what impact the infusion of luxury retailers in Columbus’ Easton Town Center has, with its recent increase in higher-end brands. Luxury retail is becoming more attainable to more people, so I’m really curious to see how that plays out. Luxury brands coming into mainstream—are they sustainable and who’s buying it?
– Mindi, Consumer Insights & Intelligence


Band of Outsiders Coming to Soho
The highly-acclaimed fashion tradesmen, Band of Outsiders, are opening a new flagship store in New York’s Soho neighborhood this spring. After seeing what they opened in Tokyo, I can’t wait to see what New York’s design looks like. The Tokyo location is centered around a 28-arm system—nicknamed “The Monster”—that extends from the center core to anchor every fixture in the space. That includes all hanging racks, display cases, fitting rooms, dress forms, and even the cashwrap. The arms move around a series of concentric tracks, keeping the layout flexible for reconfiguration.
– Lucas, Brand Communications

How Will Mobile Be Truly Integrated Into the Shopping Experience?
We saw the first shoots in 2013 of retailers “extending the shelf.” But this year should be something much more robust.
– Rolfe, CEO

The evolution of technology happens so quickly, so I’m excited to see what happens next and how emerging ideas will affect how we develop our concepts. The key question will be how can mobile improve the customer experience, especially in a physical store?
– Megan, Design Development

Local Increase in Sports Retail
Starting this spring, Columbus will be hearing the call of the great outdoors. Not one, but two REI locations (Easton Town Center and Dublin), a Field & Stream (Easton Town Center) as well as the new prototype of Dick’s Sporting Goods (Easton Town Center). These new stores are in addition to the Gander Mountain Firearms Super Center (Reynoldsburg) and Cabela’s (Polaris) which opened in February and March of last year. It seems these national retailers have all realized the potential of the Columbus market, and are eager to tap into the young, affluent demographic of our community. These stores will carry everything from kayaks to archery bows to headlamps and more, and I personally am looking forward to combining my love of shopping and sports!
-Cara, Environments Design

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