Birchbox Man: Pop-Up to Permanent?

Birchbox Man: Pop-Up to Permanent?

Birchbox Man: Pop-Up to Permanent? 800 470 Chute Gerdeman

Birchbox’s revolutionary subscription based beauty sampling service broke onto the scene in 2010. Since then we’ve watched the brand go from online-only to pop-up and finally brick-and-mortar with a flagship store that debuted in Soho last year. Birchbox’s eCommerce convenience combined with a lifestyle editorial approach and curated product assortment has led the brand to stay atop the surplus of copycats that came along after. They also recognized men’s grooming as an untapped market in a category where the stigma for personal care is literally being washed away.

After a brief limited edition box for men was released during the holiday of 2011, they realized that 50% of the consumers purchasing the boxes were… hello, men! After a little more exploration into consumer interest and product offer the brand officially launched Birchbox Man. The brand understood the need to balance between grooming and lifestyle to keep guys talking about the products. “There might be a hesitance to talk about an amazing pomade, but we could imagine them saying, ‘Aren’t these cool headphones?’ or, ‘Check out this great pocket square,” said, Birchbox Cofounder Katia Beauchamp. They even hired VP of Men’s Grooming.

Most recently though, the brand continued to entice the male consumer with a Birchbox Men’s Holiday Pop-Up on Prince Street in the Bowery. Sure, Birchbox could have created a pop-up space for both men and women, but by creating a gender specific store, the brand was able to curate a more tailored collection of items as well as create an environment uniquely designed for men.

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The store was based around a BYOB (Build Your Own Box) concept where guys could select one product from five categories from Hair, Beard + Shave, Body, Skincare, and Style. In addition to products from specialty brands like Baxter of California, Blind Barber, Anthony, The White Briefs, and more, they also partnered with globetrotting style icon and menswear expert, Nick Wooster, to create an exclusive travel collection for the man on the move. And for all those guys that needed to still cross a few items off their ladies’ Christmas list, there were featured “Gifts for the Ladies.” Hearty bites and cocktails made the pop-up complete for this male cosmopolitan consumer.

We’re curious if this men’s pop-up could lead to a possible permanent place in this underserved sector. Combining tailored lifestyle products, educational opportunities, and maybe even exclusive services like a beard trim or hot towel treatment could be the next thing to attract the Birchbox Man at retail. Birchbox’s previous cyber to cement strategy started with five pilot pop-up stores throughout New York and the Hamptons before the final flagship launch this past year. We’ll wait to see what the plan is for the Birchbox Man, but if history repeats itself, we just might just be onto something.

Photo credit: Tea and Blush (featured image) | Birchbox


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