Adam’s Authentic & Charming Café

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Adam’s Authentic & Charming Café

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A note from the editors: “Inspiration boards” give a glimpse at the inner landscape of a creative person’s brain. The usual components tend to be images, words, sketches, photographs, swatches of material, postcards, poems, anything at all that tells a cohesive story. Boards can be used to convey a concept, a design direction, ideas for a kitchen remodel, or in our case, a personal narrative. Each month we feature an inspiration board from one of the creative spirits at Chute Gerdeman.

Rather than assembling an inspiration board from assorted bits and pieces, I took the approach of deconstruction. I prefer to study how something was created to learn new techniques and how I can improve my own design sensibilities.

I absolutely love this café, Cielito Querido. This Mexican chain, designed by Mexican design firm Esrawe in collaboration with Ignacio Cadena, appeals to my personal taste. The space feels authentic and fun, while exuding warmth and character. What intrigues me most is how it feels so genuine, charming and individual, yet it’s a chain! By studying the components of the design, it helps me understand how they achieved the welcoming, unique and culturally-inspired aesthetic.

All colors are from the Pantone Matching System®.Images via

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Inspiration Sources…

1-5: Interior photos, signage, and material close-ups: all images via We Heart.

The use of a warm, neutral material like various woods creates a perfect backdrop for brighter, more energetic elements in the space, such as the triangular pattern on the floor. Everything from the interior to the signage to the packaging is drenched in saturated color, pattern and typography. It is bold and gutsy design done tastefully, a perfect balance between sophistication and eclecticism. I wish we had some of these located in the States!


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