An Ice House Overhaul

An Ice House Overhaul

An Ice House Overhaul 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Since 2000, we’ve been lucky to call the Brewery District our home, occupying what was originally known as the Hoster Brewing Ice House. Built in 1885, the distinctive brick building with landmark smokestack was a critical part of the Hoster Brewing Complex, using steam-powered ice making machines to produce tons of ice each day. To date, the character of the building has served to spur creativity, evoke innovation, and foster a community of forward-thinking designers and strategic business visionaries.

As we forge ahead in 2017, we are proud that our clients, partners, and employees have helped grow our business to the size it is today. As we’ve expanded our workforce, it’s required us to rework and expand our existing 33,600 square foot studio space. Working with the Columbus City Council, we’re fortunate to have been provided an incentive to help make this happen.

While this renovation is rooted in aesthetics, it signifies an exciting time for our business. Building on decades of expertise in creating compelling experiences, we’re changing the paradigm and helping brands transition away from old models into entirely new arenas.

Maintaining the original Hoster heritage was a critical element for the renovation. Elements like exposed beams, cast iron columns, and large wooden pulleys remain intact as a reminder of the original Ice House story, while new graphic designs will further amplify the expression. New design features like hardwood floors, pendant lighting, sliding barn doors, and internally illuminated exterior signage will marry the industrial aesthetic with a new modernity and fresh energy.

Further expanding the existing open floor plan, the creative teams find synergy in the integrated design process. Group work stations and additional conference spaces lend to enhance organic conversations between teams, while casual seating areas provide comfort for small group or independent ideation.

Pardon our dust while we’re under construction, but enjoy a sneak peek at demolition.


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