Amazon Instant Pickup Caters to the College Campus Consumer

Amazon Instant Pickup Caters to the College Campus Consumer

Amazon Instant Pickup Caters to the College Campus Consumer 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

It’s been a whirlwind year for Amazon and they continue to take big steps in retail, becoming one of the most influential companies around the globe. It’s most recent efforts have been put towards building storefronts across, what Amazon says, “more than a dozen colleges and universities.” The opening of its newest 2,270-square-foot space on The Ohio State University campus is open to all Amazon Prime members, of whom can pick up “a selection of daily essentials in two minutes or less.” It’s called Instant Pickup, and it houses in-the-moment necessities; snacks, electronic accessories, and Amazon’s Echo are just a few of the items any Prime member has the opportunity to get in their hands that same day. Its purchase of Whole Foods has deemed the company as a force to be reckoned with; technological advancements alone place Amazon alongside some of the most elite global brands. It’s no wonder why Amazon took home Retailer of the Year at this year’s IRDC conference.

Amazon Instant Pickup Exterior
Amazon Instant Pickup Lockers

The store is compact, unique, and illustrates its message with the most informational wayfinding efforts; having the ability to ease customers throughout the store in an interesting, yet informative manner. The space was segmented into four zones: Customer Service, Returns, Kiosks, and Pick-Up. Each area is filled with typographic signage and communications, which allow customers participating to feel like they have been doing it their entire lives.

Instant Pickup Kiosks
Amazon Instant Pickup Returns

A host stands ready at the front of the store to help facilitate any transactions, and is equipped to answer questions regarding the overall process. The Returns section is the first thing you notice upon entering the Pick-Up store. A rectangular desk, filled with all the necessary tools to help package unwanted purchases, is covered in verbiage to help simplify the return process. Kiosks are placed along the left-hand side of the store, illuminating next steps and recommendations to best utilize Amazon Instant Pickup; all flowing at its highest level of efficiency. Four areas across the back section of the store highlight the pick-up process, encouraging a more singular experience. Although fairly new, one member exclaimed, “it’s like buying things in the future!”

Amazon Instant Pickup Customer Service
Amazon Instant Pickup Exit

The excitement within the store is palpable, and may pave the way to bigger relationships between Columbus and new, high-profile shopping hubs. Our perception of shopping has changed, Amazon has found the most important moments within a journey and showcased them in one store. It has taken the needs-and wants-of any consumer, and transferred them into a quick, mobile process; therefore, enhancing the brand awareness, relationship, and services Amazon has always been known to offer.

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