Ali Goes to Italy for Academy Day #8 Conference

Ali Goes to Italy for Academy Day #8 Conference

Ali Goes to Italy for Academy Day #8 Conference 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

A year ago, I studied in Italy at SOA (State of Art) and attended a class specifically focused on Architectural Visualization. Every year my school holds a two-day symposium, Academy Day #8 Conference, on the state of the industry, and has the most talented and relevant speakers share the latest and greatest. This year’s speakers included people from Chaos Group (manufacturers of the V-Ray 3D modeling tool), Google, Epic Games (the creaters of Unreal Engine), and many others. Over 270 people attended and 32 countries were represented.

Academy Day #8
Speaking Session

The big news this year was that Chaos Group (V-Ray) bought Corona, which is a competing render engine. They sponsored a happy hour to celebrate the occasion. It was an amazing experience and I met so many other people who share my passion. If anyone has any questions or wants to learn more don’t hesitate to reach out. I already have some new things I would like to try and implement into the DDL to hopefully make our lives easier.

Educational Session
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

Check out the links below to explore some more of the speakers and visualization artists represented at the  Academy Day #8 Conference.

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