Ainz & Tulpe: An Interactive Look Into Window Displays

Ainz & Tulpe: An Interactive Look Into Window Displays

Ainz & Tulpe: An Interactive Look Into Window Displays 800 534 Chute Gerdeman

Without a doubt window displays can be a powerful tool for many reasons, whether it’s to attract passersby, create an element of drama, showcase seasonal themes or to simply make a great first impression. Over the years though window displays have become more advanced with the use of technology. Kate Spade revolutionized windows with a shoppable storefront and brands like Paul Smith entertain after hours with holographic displays. Ainz & Tulpe though have taken interactive windows to the next level.

An estimated 10 million tourists visit Tokyo every year, and topping the list of purchased products are cosmetics. The challenge though is that only 3% of the visitors speak Japanese. So how does Japan’s largest cosmetic retailer get beyond the language barrier? The brand took on the communication barrier by creating an interactive communication vehicle. Working with Dnetsu Inc they created an interactive storefront window “Looks” that would enable them to interact regardless of the individual’s native language.

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Focusing on the ten most popular makeup looks, makeup stylists recreated on models with Ainz & Tulpe products. Model footage was then captured on a grid like screen incorporated into the interactive storefront window display. The built in technology utilizes motion sensors to react with head and eye movement of the models, and facial recognition is factored to determine the passersby language of origin. Guests who interact with the window can touch the section featuring the model of the make up style that they like the best, and much like a receipt, the product information is printed out for them in their native language. Shoppers can then enter the store with their list of desired beauty products to recreate the looks for themselves and receive an exclusive discount.

Takeaway: Interactive window displays need to be about more than just attracting. It needs to inspire action. The more personal and unique experience you can create, the more it will resonate with consumers.

Photo Credit: Ainz & Tulpe

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