A New Chapter in Retail: Gucci Wooster Bookstore

A New Chapter in Retail: Gucci Wooster Bookstore

A New Chapter in Retail: Gucci Wooster Bookstore 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Known for an avant-garde attitude, luxury brand Gucci is getting in touch with its literary side with the launch of a bookstore in the heart of the cultural arts community on Wooster Street in New York. What might seem like a strange foray into retail is actually quite fitting for the fashion house given the brand’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, often incorporates literacy references into collections. Aside from using literature as a muse for inspiration, Gucci has also released limited edition books like the recent, WORLD (The Price of Love) which features pictures of the luxury brand’s 2018 Cruise Collection, and Dapper Dan’s Harlem which is a photographic journey to Harlem. So, this endeavor is just another chapter in the luxury brand’s lifestyle.

Gucci Wooster Bookstore
Gucci Wooster Bookstore

Partnering with New York independent bookstore Dashwood Books, Gucci has managed to create a storybook setting with some serious style. The brand tapped Dashwood founder David Strettell to curate the nearly 2,000 titles that fill the space. From the latest publications to used books and discontinued rare editions, as well as a rotating collection inspired by Gucci’s projects, it’s a museum-like mecca for all things fashion, culture, art, design, and photography. For those looking to accessorize their intellectual style Gucci has also outfitted the space with a selection of canvas bags, pencils, and notebooks.

The bookstore is decadent in design and a harmonious extension to the eclectically designed retail space. Lush green and rich red accents compliment the dark wood and brick exposures, a floral rug and leather vintage furniture reminds you it’s stacked not just with books but also with Gucci style. A large lectern reading table commands attention and showcases select editions like a new fashion collection. Keeping true to the authenticity of the space, the brand has even hired experts including a Chief Librarian and official Book Worms to govern and guide the experience.

Gucci Wooster Bookstore
Gucci Wooster Bookstore

Serving as a veritable creative community hub, Gucci is also hosting book signings and other cultural events within the adjacent Screening Room. From a celebration of independent filmmakers and short film series highlighting the cultural significance of Soho in the ’70s and ’80s, to a private poetry reading from musician Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, Gucci has choreographed every element and finite detail of the bookstore experience.

You could say Gucci is a bit book smart when it comes to retail, but it’s really a retail exercise in understanding consumer lifestyles. Affluent and intellectual, why not a bookstore! The experience is rich in culture and demonstrates a brand (and industry) shift beyond just selling product to making a personal connection.

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