A Monday Morning Forecast

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A Monday Morning Forecast

A Monday Morning Forecast 800 629 Chute Gerdeman

Every Monday, the studio meets to plan the week and discuss upcoming events. But it also means having a little bit of inspiration to share with the team and today was my week to inspire the group. I am always fascinated by color forecasting and seeing how the color trends evolve. It is amazing to see how the fashion industry, pop culture, architecture, the auto industry and so much more can influence these trends.

AkzoNobel has a great color forecasting book called Color Futures that is my “go to resource” when clients ask for color theory information. I love this presentation because not only are there 5 color trend stories presented, but AkzoNobel also looks at color transitions and describes how the colors shifted from last year to this year. As a brief recap, color is moving to brighten our moods, provide reassurance, and give a sense of freshness to a new and hopeful beginning. Light, acidic pastels are dominating the more vibrant and saturated colors we have seen in the past.

Image via AkzoNobel.com

Also, AkzoNobel highlights one outstanding Color of the Year. 2010’s color is an optimistic and hopeful light blue that is full of possibilities and renewed energy in these uncertain times. Makes perfect sense to me!

Check out the 5 color trend stories and much more information regarding color forecasting at the AkzoNobel website. The entire 2010/2011 Color Futures presentation can be downloaded from this site as well.


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