A brand built on craftsmanship and community

A brand built on craftsmanship and community

A brand built on craftsmanship and community 800 470 Chute Gerdeman

With a focus on making American made products, it’s no surprise that lifestyle brand Shinola selected Detroit as a manufacturing hub for their handcrafted, high-quality products including watches, leather goods, bicycles, and journals. The brand has managed to bring that craftsmanship and character in store locations now in Detroit, DC, Minneapolis, London and LA, as well as New York’s trendy Tribeca neighborhood. While you can purchase Shinola products at high-end departments stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, Shinola CEO Steve Bock says, “Having standalone Shinola stores offers a better introduction to the revived brand.”

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More than just selling product, this part retail, part showroom, and part café is community space where you can see and feel the Shinola brand. Guests enter through the café and newsstand, The Smile, where they can indulge in a delicious bakery item and coffee before exploring the luxurious Shinola brand. Once they enter the two-story retail space, a focal point for the store is a 1930’s metal world map sculpture that was obtained from the Rockefeller Center giving tribute to the brand’s American crafted roots. Throughout the space Shinola watches are interspersed with other product like footballs, books, bicycles and bags, to encourage guests to explore even more. White oak tables and reclaimed cabinets, give nod to the brand’s modern, clean classic sensibility, while exposed brick walls, concrete flooring, a custom steel spiral staircase, and manufactured skylight support an industrial vibe within the space.

Other the last several years we’ve seen consumer demands shift towards American made products, and as they continue to look for richer brand stories as a point of connection we see brands like Shinola standing out. We’ll continue to watch as they not only revive an interest in the original craftsmanship of products, but also reinvigorate retail in other urban communities. The brand will next be taking up shop in Brooklyn at the Empire Stores, a former warehouse along the Dumbo waterfront.

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