2011, a Yotel Space Odyssey

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2011, a Yotel Space Odyssey

2011, a Yotel Space Odyssey 800 646 Chute Gerdeman

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With amenities named Yobot, Studiyo and Dohyo, this is not your typical NYC hotel. Recently opened in New York’s Theatre District, Yotel brings its white-on-white, future-funky Eurostyle to The Big Apple.

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Guests—mostly younger, adventurous types—are greeted by a bank of automated check-in stations (mission control) and then submit their luggage to a huge robot arm in the lobby “storefront” that silently inserts it into a wall of compartments.

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The fourth floor of this space station inn serves as the social hub, offering a café, meeting rooms, lounge and the largest hotel terrace in Manhattan, all curated with colorful pop art and futuristic furniture.

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The guest rooms, cheekily called “cabins,” are typical NYC tiny, but their efficient design makes the most of every inch. This hotel is for travelers who want something unique, something that says, “you might be in Amsterdam…or maybe on the moon.”

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