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Chute Gerdeman, Inc., dba Chute Gerdeman Retail (“CG”) developed and maintains its websites and CHUTEGERDEBLOG in a manner which prioritizes your privacy.  For Example, CG does not sell advertising space on its sites and, therefore, unlike many other sites that you may visit, does not report information regarding its users, even of a generic or anonymous nature, to any advertiser or marketer.  Regardless, this Privacy Policy is necessary to inform you regarding certain aspects of your privacy as they relate to CG websites, such as CG’s collection and use of your personal information collected during your use of our websites.

At various locations both in and following content, CG may invite the reader to request more information or material.  In doing so, the user shall have provided CG their email address.  CG will use such information and any other information provided by the user to respond to such request with available materials or information and shall store the same in CG’s records.  Additionally, CG requires the entry of certain personally indentifying information, such as name and email address, prior to allowing a user to post an entry to CG’s Blog.  Further, CG’s server will record your usage on its sites (i.e. your IP address, files accessed and time of usage).  In all such instances, CG reserves the right to make record of such information and to use the same at later dates to send the user additional materials that CG believes may be of the user’s interest or of general promotional content.  In doing so, CG will provide the user with an “opt out” option and procedure from future such correspondence.


CG will not disclose, transfer, release to any third party, whether for compensation or otherwise, any of the personal information that you provide or that we gather from or relating to your time using CG websites, including your name, address, email address, phone number or other identifying information.  Additionally, if you email us, rest assured that CG will not share the content of your email with third parties, unless so ordered by a court or governmental agency of proper jurisdiction or to protect CGs legal interests.


CG may update or amend this policy from time to time. As such, the user is encouraged to reread this Privacy Policy from time to time.  If CG makes any substantial changes to its Privacy Policy, s such, CG encourages you to review this Privacy Policy and note the “Last Modified“ date from time to time.


CG has designed its websites by including links to other websites based exclusively on their content and specifically advises the user that CG has not reviewed or approved of any of the Privacy Policies of those external sites.  CG shall neither be responsible for the content of an external site nor its use of your personal information.  CG encourages you to review the Privacy Policy of each external site that you visit before disclosing any personal information.

If you have questions or suggestions, e-mail us at or write us at:
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